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Mereenie Loop, King's Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia

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Qualcity is a Spatial Intelligence Consultancy.

Intelligence at work to optimise your spatial capital and strategy.

We take you back to basics. We look at the whole picture of how your human, built environment, financial, economic and informational assets relate to the space around them. Our analysis can then pinpoint the risks and assess the strengths of your organisation. Keep ahead of market trends, customer expectations and competitor activity using spatial analysis.

Why QualCity ?

Our experience shows many organisations have developed strategies that :

  • haven’t taken on board the urban nature of their activity and how it impacts on their development
  • haven’t considered their spatial assets as part of the whole, and how changing them could add value

QualCity is using cutting edge geographical research from the New Geographic Economy to introduce strategic thought processes in Spatial and Competitive Intelligence. We apply intelligence techniques developed in the worlds of defence, urban planning, New Technologies in Information and Communication (IT) and the environment to your spatial assets.

We help you to use your spatial assets to the full, acting on and within your urban environment.

Our mission at QualCity is to bring your strategic vision into the reality of the spaces you operate in.

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Ouverture publique du site

Ce site est le rapport numérique de la mission de prospective participative dans les quartiers sensibles effectuée en 2010 par QualCity pour le compte du Secrétariat Général du Commité Interministériel des Villes.